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Moving on from the trip to Indiana, I met with two guys I admire over Thai food last week, Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum. The fact that they are a comic strip team like Scott and I are makes me feel particularly connected with them; there is something about a project produced by a collaboration. […]

We had a great evening on Monday hanging out with Bill Barnes and Gene Ambaum of Unshelved. The purpose of the get-together was to pick up some pointers on self-publishing, and we gleaned quite a bit of useful information from them. No one knows better how to take an internet property and translate that into […]

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San Diego Con 2004. This was actually my first San Diego Con, Scott’s second. I wish I’d gotten to relax a little on the trip, but this was yet another working saga, so no rest for the wicked. Brian and Tracy Reynolds picked us up at the airport and we headed down for San Diego, […]

My business strategy hero is Bill Barnes. His blog has made me a regular reader just to see where he’s going next. He’s managed to turn an online comic into a profitable business that not only makes money from book sales, but does very well with its merchandise too. He posted his readership numbers the […]

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The website update delayed my reporting on this, but last week Scott and I attended our first meeting with Cartoonists Northwest. I was immediately impressed by the age range of the members. There were vets, newbies, interested parties, dabblers and a smattering of high school students. Last week’s presentation was on self-publishing, which I’ll talk […]

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