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At the request of the Artist, we would like to highlight some of the supportive statements we received from our friends and fans: “Well it’s about time! Welcome back. You’ve been missed.” – John Lustig, Last Kiss Comics “Looks great kids!” – Dan Baldwin, Indiana University “I am thrilled about your return. I am probably […]

A fellow webcomics artist and friend Bill Barnes, that creates the VERY successful comic strip “Unshelved” has been running strips in pencil lately. Now I like seeing art that is in process. It’s a unique perspective on an individual artist. I’ve had interest in the past in my process for our comic strip, and now […]

A few weeks ago we did a guest strip for Unshelved that reviewed one of my favorite books, a suspense novel by Mary Stewart called The Ivy Tree. They were nice enough to forward a couple of comments by their readers. One of them was inspired by the review to go out, find the book […]

Today is the first day of Sakura Con. I’ve missed too much work to take off for it today, but Scott will be there manning the helm. There are some new buttons we have out, and if you haven’t picked up our last book this would be a good time to do it. The printer […]

Today is my birthday. This weekend I went to a dinner party and chatted for awhile at the feet of an unassuming man that no one would guess was a comics legend by his demeanor. I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t know that Strangers in Paradise was coming to an end. I’ve been a reader […]

View of the convention from our Scooter and Ferret booth   Goths on the prowl   I think this has something to do with Aqualad. I guess.A gaggle of Star Wars fans gather for a huddle. Roberta Gregory stops by to say hello on her way back from John’s booth.   This man has a […]

Saw the last episode of Firefly last night and have to say I enjoyed the series as a whole. Ok. I had a few problems with it occasionally. But I’ve watched a lot of science fiction television and as far as that goes, Firefly is about as good as it ever gets. Does that really […]

Firefly fans are ever vigilant—what began with a link from Bill’s blog at Unshelved turned into a link on the Firefly fan messageboards, and that resulted in the highest number of visitors to the website that we’ve had in a day. What I know about the show mainly comes from a friend, a dedicated viewer […]

The foreword has been passed off to its author and the book is now waiting on its completion before going to press. The party at Bill Barnes’ (Unshelved) house was a lot of fun, and there was no shortage of food. His newly remodeled office has enormous windows surrounding the computer, meaning if I had […]

We’ll be celebrating the fourth with all of those things; it’s a sunny day in Seattle, I bought the food to grill and Lake Meridian hosts an explosion of city and personal fireworks every year. I’ll also be stopping by the home of Bill Barnes of Unshelved, who is celebrating a housewarming. The contents of […]

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