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I still haven’t gotten to see the new Firefly movie yet, as I spent the weekend in Portland at Stumptown. We had a decent amount of traffic for the one day event, and it was a lot of fun being around so many independent creators. Although it drew an indy crowd that didn’t seem to […]

he Digital Strips podcast gave our stats a flying leap yesterday, which is nice. Especially as we go into another show, Stumptown in Portland, where we will have a table in the middle of the room. Here’s a quote from their website: Then, Saturday morning, the main event hits PSU campus at 9:00 am! This […]

I’m sure everyone caught the news reports this weekend as Hurricane Rita barreled through my home towns of Beaumont and Port Arthur. If anyone is wondering why I consider both my home town, I was born in Beaumont and lived there for 19 years but Port Arthur is less than fifteen minutes away and my […]

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Traffic from the Stumptown website is starting to trickle in and it really is a nicely laid out site. I like the looks of our location, it’s in the middle. After five days at Cascadia Con where everything was split into side rooms, wings, narrow avenues and multiple hotels, it’s a relief to go to […]

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