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Cartoonists Northwest enjoyed a Saturday evening together at the Mariners game. I know Scott loves baseball but I really don’t care about it at all. Getting out to a game and sitting in the stands with a group isn’t too bad though. It helps when the Mariners beat the Padres and the game has a […]

Scott couldn’t manage a new strip today because allergies are attacking both of us right now. I forgot to take Claritin yesterday and ended up with a bad sinus headache, itchy eyes and sneezing. Ah, spring. I would like to say a word about the greatness of the new Flash. I bought it in the […]

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Just like on our last trip to the country, we went on a walk with the country dog and the city dog. Moose and Nib chased each other like before, and Nib was constantly in and out of the irrigation ditch. Our dog wasn’t brave enough to do anymore than go to the edge and […]

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A few weeks ago we did a guest strip for Unshelved that reviewed one of my favorite books, a suspense novel by Mary Stewart called The Ivy Tree. They were nice enough to forward a couple of comments by their readers. One of them was inspired by the review to go out, find the book […]

I do need to mention that last weekend Cartoonists Northwest pulled off yet another stylish Toonie Awards. New president Luke Martin stepped up and made all of the table decorations, plus wrote a parody song, dressed up and performed it live with guys that can actually play instruments. The raffle was completed smoothly with plenty […]

This weekend I’m going to be attending the annual Toonie Awards held here in Seattle by Cartoonists Northwest. Every year they sponsor this event which is a dinner and awards ceremony to celebrate the cartooning community here in the Northwest. We have a guest speaker for the event too and this year’s speaker will be […]

We spent another weekend at the McConnells but this was the first time we brought the dog. I had fun, but the dog had way more. I thought a lot about that old cartoon with the country mouse and the city mouse as I watched Moose get acquainted with their family dog, Nib. Nib is […]

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Today is my birthday. This weekend I went to a dinner party and chatted for awhile at the feet of an unassuming man that no one would guess was a comics legend by his demeanor. I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t know that Strangers in Paradise was coming to an end. I’ve been a reader […]

John Lustig has been creating Last Kiss since the early 1990’s. Last Kiss is a comic that pokes fun at the old-time romance comics genre. What makes Last Kiss so interesting is how Lustig uses original romance comics from that time period and replaces the dialogue with witty material from a modern sensibility. It’s a […]

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We had another snow day here in Seattle. The office was closed due to ice, which I knew all about, because I was in it the night before when it all came raining down feverishly on my office. My car got stuck in the ice and everyone trying to leave work ended up in a […]

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