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In 1999, I had been working for an animation studio for just over half a year. The Cartoon Network had been doing a campaign with us that ended over Christmas, and although they threw us a fantastic open bar party, my old friend Brian accurately described it as a parting gift. The work dried up, […]

It’s no secret that my company announced in a press release Monday that there would be layoffs. On Friday night I went to not one but two parties to try to cheer myself up, though I’m afraid it didn’t last through the weekend. Last year about 25 people moved from Seattle to Orlando to work […]

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A pair of generous friends who are also WorldMark owners gave us a weekend in the San Juans at Deer Harbor. The rooms were so dazzling that between the fireplace, robes, hot tub and downy comforter I didn’t see much reason to ever leave it. But that didn’t stop us from kayaking from the marina […]

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In the spirit of continuous updates, the house is officially off the market. We got an offer within two days and now we’re deep in the midst of completing the selling process. Everything is now moving faster than we expected, the closing date is sooner than we thought it would be, and now we’re looking […]

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The house is officially on the market, and no sooner was that the case than there was a knock on the door yesterday afternoon. Our first showing came on the first day, how about that Seattle real estate market? It may not be so bad a thing that there is another unit selling at the […]

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What I will miss most about Seattle is the people, and the man I will most the most who is not a personal friend is Tom Douglas. For those of you not local to Washington, he’s the man who beat Bobby Flay on Iron Chef with salmon on a cedar plank. He owns multiple restaurants […]

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I’m writing this at 1 am because I just got back from a Rasputina concert. My college roommate introduced me to them in 1997, not long after their first album “Thanks for the Ether” had come out. Back then they were a three girl gothic cello band. Then the second album came out, the cellos […]

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An oddity about Seattle is how much they love their fireworks. I have a strong hunch that most of what is being shot off outside the house is not legal, but that isn’t stopping anyone. Rockets are being lit everywhere. I plan to spend the Fourth in Bellingham this year. When I lived there, around […]

It was sunny yesterday afternoon, so we leashed up the dog and walked over to the park. Scott had bought an extra long yard leash so we tied the dog up to a tree and tossed a frisbee around. Moose got underfoot and ate grass. Then we walked down the street to Arby’s and I […]

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