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Being Halloween, tonight is my last night at Nightmare at Beaver Lake. I’ve been cast now two nights as the gypsy fortune teller which they tell me is a very natural performance. I sit under my tent until a group gets closer, then come out and warn them about the dark creatures howling on the […]

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My schedule is going to be really screwy all the way through Halloween night this year. I volunteered to help my buddy Scott Alan perform in Sammamish at Nightmare at Beaver Lake. He’s the star attraction Chuckles the Clown, where as I am whatever is needed female-wise. Tonight that was Witch #1, complete with hat, […]

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I know some people have been checking back here waiting for some information to go up about Emerald City Con. I have been putting off making my entry until I had the pictures ready to support it. Here it is, blow by blow: Friday: We set up at the Center around 3:00. Most of the […]

As usual, the weekend is over and there is so much to cover. I’m going to have to begin with the Oscars, it’s too big to hold off until later. As everyone knows by now, Lord of the Ringsswept the award show like an unstoppable force, and though I have been predicting major wins for […]

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