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Last week I was disappointed I missed the premiere of Lie to Me, but I caught the second episode last night and I’m going to be an avid watcher. Not because I’m thrilled about the characters or the plotting; it wasn’t much better than the first few episodes of Shark and similarly has a younger, […]

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False alarm, friends all over the United States who sent me some worried notes on Facebook. I did not lose my job this week. By saying that, I don’t want to downplay the situation, a lot of good people did. The boss I recently acquired after the last round of layoffs did too, and I’m […]

This is how I got my VIP party at Howl at the Moon. Chuckles, being the professional clown that he is, really knows how to work a crowd. See the video for yourself. Bookmark It Hide Sites

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The Wilsons arrived at the airport on Saturday afternoon. They were in the mood for Chinese, so I took them to a place near my office called the Golden Lotus. I think’s it’s tough to get good Chinese in Orlando, and I’m a bit picky that way, but although the Golden Lotus is a hole […]

Scott Alan and his wife Guinn are coming down from Seattle this week, and that will pretty much sum up my vacation this year. That said, I’ll be posting about what we did, so you’re not getting off that easy. Scott has a side business as a professional clown, was the president of Cartoonists Northwest […]

Friday night, the trip to Claim Jumpers, was actually a surprise party all along. Although I don’t know if it came off as a complete surprise, as Scott says he figured out there would be a bunch of people waiting for us when we arrived at our table. He just wasn’t sure who. I was […]

Scott is still sick. This cold is going around at work and I’ve heard people say it can last quite awhile. At this very moment in fact, he’s in a foul mood because it prevented him from sleeping all night. I really have to thank Scott Alan for guesting for us today so Scott could […]

I’m baaaaack. Did you miss me? Georgia, your writer, returns from Mickey land. The artist, Scott, went on to Savannah and Atlanta to see family and do some networking, but will return to Seattle next week. This is the last guest artist strip from Scott Alan and no time would be more appropriate than now […]

I was wrong about the length of the guest artist storyline, its actually 6 strips instead of 9. That means we will be gone for two weeks not three and I can’t count. Our guest artist will be our friend Scott Alan, who spent a lot of time with us through September planning for Spawns […]

I have not taken an extended, non-work-related vacation in several years. I’ve been working now at Trendwest about two years and I’ve banked some time off hours, so starting this Friday the artist and I will be on our way to Florida to enjoy Disney World with the entire family. That means all parents, two […]

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