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The home inspector turned out to be a young guy who was impossibly buff. He went through the process very meticulously, and he was initially disappointed that there was no roof access. Not to be deterred, he propped the ladder against the wall, hung onto an open window and swung himself up there. Home inspection […]

A few years ago I moved out of Atlanta, and not too much time after that, a close friend of mine moved to New York. We’ve corresponded since then mainly by brief emails and blogs. It’s a relief for people like me, who rarely ever call anybody, that blogs exist, and we can use them […]

It’s been easy to put the strip out of mind while so much animation work needed to get done. Animation work hasn’t come our way in awhile, and its easy to forget how much effort goes into such a quick frame of film. Hours and hours were poured into making some sunflowers wave around. And […]

Guest Blogger Scott: I had mentioned in the last update about Georgia being sick, and since then she took a turn for the worse which led to the both of us spending Wednesday night at the Emergency Room of the local hospital. What led to this was Georgia’s throat closing up to where she had […]

This actually happened to me while I was working at Software, Etc. My friend was approached by a guy that worked with us for exactly this reason. It was someone I disliked from the first time I met him; while I was working in the back room on my first day he went into a […]

The Olympia Comics Festival is not a very big show, but what I really enjoyed about it was its focus on independent press. Seeing new talent you wouldn’t normally find out about is always a treat. Also a treat was seeing Olympia again after a long absence of maybe 21 years. Not that I remember […]

This convention completely exhausted me. I’m disappointed to say that no one moved a lot of merchandise from the booths to “Artist’s Alley”. There wasn’t much spending done by the attendees. But we sold 18 books and 30 new subscribers will be joining the mailing list soon. That means I’m going to put every effort […]

View of the convention from our Scooter and Ferret booth   Goths on the prowl   I think this has something to do with Aqualad. I guess.A gaggle of Star Wars fans gather for a huddle. Roberta Gregory stops by to say hello on her way back from John’s booth.   This man has a […]

t’s the day before Emerald City Con and all is a lot more well than it has been with past conventions. The cards were printed last night, finalizing the last items up for sale this year. There’s a new card featuring Ed being insulting, which I did a little differently by doing full color on […]

With Emerald City Con looming in the distance (April 1-2 everybody) it’s a relief to have the CD ready for sending off to the press. We’ve talked over upcoming things are thinking we may choose another con over San Diego this year. Possibly Chicago. We have nowhere near enough merchandise to make San Diego pay, […]

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