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As part of my preparations for the upcoming re-launch, I’m moving this website over to a new server. I installed WordPress on Network Solutions and they are not one of those open, friendly hosting services that gives you access to the database. I have to manually transfer the content into the new admin. Consequently I […]

I spent some of yesterday getting a new series of strips written. I’m over the 20 mark of approved strip concepts at this point and it’s never been so easy to write. I was on yesterday and listened to John Cleese at a speaking engagement talking about the process of creativity: There are some […]

If you are reading this on Facebook, you won’t see the pictures. My personal blog is at So not too long ago I got the urge to get back into sculpting for real this time. I didn’t give it up in 2003 because I wasn’t serious about it, I gave it up out of […]

If you saw my site right now you’d be wondering WHAT is GOING ON?? The layout is completely different and of all things, the complete archive of Scooter and Ferret strips is now up, including all the way through that end period when it went under the name of Ask Maridee. It’s all part of […]

I finally finished moving my entire Blog into the new WordPress format. I didn’t realize until I went back through all of these posts that my first post was in November 2003. Back then I was starting a blog on the animation industry. I was pretty young and naive in those days, and I was […]

So the other day Scott came to me and said, “I have a job that needs to come first.” And I knew he was right, going to the comic page format may have been easier for me to write, but it was too hard for him to finish in addition his book illustration work. We needed to […]

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I spent four hours cleaning up and coloring this comic last night and then saved over my print version with a screen resolution. I had to go back and start all over again tonight. I will say that it went a little faster the second time because all of my colors were worked out. The […]

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I have a major confession… I never wanted to do the strip. Four years ago, when we started doing Scooter and Ferret, we came up with the strip idea as a regularly updated advertisement for the comic we were working on. The comic was what I was really interested in, I had a couple of scripts […]

Something has been in the works all summer and yesterday I finished the script. Doesn’t that sound mysterious? I don’t think I’m ready to officially annouce anything yet, but I’m so excited about what I’m working on and yesterday’s milestone that I have to mention it. All I have to say is that there are […]

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As you can see, updating from the road has not been going too smoothly. It’s easy to lose track of what day it is, and very hard to find a place with a secure internet connection so I can FTP to the website. The dog has already had his fill of this trip and is […]

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