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Not just every four years. I am getting really annoyed tonight with Dick Button. I would like him to stop comparing Evgeni Plushenko to a sledgehammer. It’s a plus when you don’t skate like every other skater always has. Figure skating is my sport and I watch it throughout the year – thank you everyone […]

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I was chatting with another webcomics artist the other day and he made a suggestion: a good way to get the word out is to put up some animated cartoons on YouTube, but of course he was sure I would have figured that out on my own. At which point I kicked myself because no, […]

I’ve been experimenting this week with the ad server product Project Wonderful and having a great time doing it. For anyone that isn’t familiar with this service, you may have already seen it creeping into one of your favorite websites. Signing up for a free account gives you access both to advertising on the website […]

What’s an easy way to help support Scooter and Ferret? Forward the strip to a friend! As we all say in the growing webcomics community, we’re not in competition with each other, we’re in competition with obscurity. You can forward your email to a friend, or try an interesting social link sharing site I’ve been […]

I’ve started Larry Niven’s book Ringworld three times and never finished it. I’m a science fiction fan, I really am, but I’m sorry guys, it’s just too stupid. But there was one aspect of his premise that has always captured my imagination: one of his characters, by way of natural selection, is bred for luck. […]

At the request of the Artist, we would like to highlight some of the supportive statements we received from our friends and fans: “Well it’s about time! Welcome back. You’ve been missed.” – John Lustig, Last Kiss Comics “Looks great kids!” – Dan Baldwin, Indiana University “I am thrilled about your return. I am probably […]

We received our official confirmation that we have a booth reserved at Megacon, convention. I’m obviously excited because this is the first convention we’ve done since 2006. We didn’t have a lot of funds to work with when we were doing cons last time so we only did them in the Seattle/Vancouver/Olympia area. As much […]

If you read Scooter and Ferret and you haven’t already, make sure you become a fan on Facebook. Not only can you see who some of your fellow readers are, but this will be the space where I’ll be posting extras like convention pictures. I love taking convention pictures and people seem to enjoy looking […]

Today is the big day, the comic strip is finally back. I’ve had a great feeling of accomplishment from everything I learned making the new website. The very first Scooter and Ferret website was launched in March 2004, it was army green and the comic was tiny on the home page. The new version has […]

We are fast approaching 2010 and the return of the original Scooter and Ferret webcomic! We began the Scooter and Ferret webcomic in March 2004 and the exploits of Ferret, Scooter and Maridee entertained audiences until 2006. A newspaper syndicate expressed some interest in our strip but requested a lot of changes first, so we […]

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