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We’ve been in Florida for two years and haven’t gotten to know much of anyone creating comics. While we were off the strip we didn’t hit any cons, there are no Orlando comic clubs as far as we can discover, and the handful of ex-Disney animators we’d met weren’t particularly looking for new friends. So […]

As we waited for two guests from California to get off the plane, Durwin explained that we would recognize Michael Stribling because he looked like a rock star. That’s why I was surprised to meet up with Michael and find out that the closest thing to rocker about him is his surfer hair. Quiet, soft-spoken […]

We waited a bit longer at another terminal and were introduced to two artists that I will feature tomorrow. Durwin took off with us in a sinister black van and we climbed out again at the campus hotel, with the instructions to meet up again at Chancellor’s, the hotel restaurant, in an hour. After some […]

I didn’t really expect to get much out of this weekend. When Brian Ludwick, friend since Primal Screen and now a professor at Indiana University, called us up last summer and asked us if we would be interested in speaking at this year’s VisionFest, I accepted mainly because it was a chance to visit him […]

So I’m walking through the aisles of Excalibur Comics in Portland, when I come face to face with two of my professors from the Savannah College of Art and Design. No, not browsing, but as characters on the cover of a comic book. Mark Kneece and Bob Pendarvis are two of the founding members of […]

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