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With Emerald City Con looming in the distance (April 1-2 everybody) it’s a relief to have the CD ready for sending off to the press. We’ve talked over upcoming things are thinking we may choose another con over San Diego this year. Possibly Chicago. We have nowhere near enough merchandise to make San Diego pay, […]

I also used to play a lot of Gauntlet. There was a summer when my dad, my sister and I got really hooked on that game. We were playing it every time we got a chance, including every place we could find it on a trip to Disneyland. This was such a memorable summer that last […]

The chosen printer for the book is going to be on vacation this week; no doubt they need the rest after what was surely a rush for San Diego Con, but who would have thought getting something printed would be this difficult. The foreword went in this afternoon and that means the interior is officially […]

San Diego Con 2004. This was actually my first San Diego Con, Scott’s second. I wish I’d gotten to relax a little on the trip, but this was yet another working saga, so no rest for the wicked. Brian and Tracy Reynolds picked us up at the airport and we headed down for San Diego, […]

San Diego Con is over and I have a trip to report, but not enough time to put it up tonight. There will be pictures, though not as many as I’d like. My entire second day had to be enjoyed without pictures after I left my memory stick in the room. Last night Scott was […]

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Last night I printed out business cards in preparation for our trip to San Diego Con. I’ve never been, but everyone tells me that this is a massive event. I’ve always found that events like this are ripe opportunities for observing human silliness, and human silliness is the basis for Scooter and Ferret humor. I […]

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Where has she gone? This Blog hasn’t been updated in ages! Yes its true. It’s been sparse around here for about a month. Time to reveal the reason: I’ve been settling into my new job. I was a contractor and a freelancer for seven years, so my first salaried position has been an enormously pleasant […]

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