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I am thrilled that I finally got all the settings right and outputted my first edited film for Ask Maridee to YouTube. Here is where you can find it, the adventures of Ask Maridee at Sakura Con 2007. I would have rather have had this up sooner, but although I finished the project weeks ago, I […]

I finished my little documentary about Sakura Con and I really love it. It’s under ten minutes but nothing I do to compress it will quite get it under 100 MB and still be readable, so I couldn’t throw it up on YouTube immediately. I’ll get it there, just not quite there yet. I’m really […]

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We spent most of this weekend at Sakura Con. Although I’d seen lots of pictures of anime conventions and knew basically what to expect, I wasn’t prepared for the volume of people in costumes. Every third person was in one, and I’m not enough of an anime expert to recognize less than half of the […]

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Today is the first day of Sakura Con. I’ve missed too much work to take off for it today, but Scott will be there manning the helm. There are some new buttons we have out, and if you haven’t picked up our last book this would be a good time to do it. The printer […]

I don’t really know much about RSS feeds. In fact I’m not entirely sure what the result is supposed to be when you have one, which makes building one for the comic especially tricky. I know in concept its a way to syndicate content so people can subscribe to your feed and then see all […]

I just got my confirmation in last night from Sakura Con, so that will likely be our first show of 2007. Sakura Con is an anime convention held here in Seattle every year. This will be our first year attending this type of event and we are very excited. I’ve heard that anime shows can […]

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