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So this was an Oscar night without a lot of groaner moments, which is nice for a change. Anyone catch those acrobats forming movie titles? Just when you thought the Academy had surpassed the cheesy nineties they bring in the shadow puppet people. I was a little annoyed by how many times the announcer kept […]

As you all should remember one of the early milestones this year that really shook up the animation industry was the buyout of Pixar by Disney, or rather Pixar taking charge of Disney animation. I wondered how this would alter the Disney Company at that time. Just the other day I read on the newswires […]

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I went to see “Cars” this weekend – TWICE! To everyone who got taken in by that lousy teaser trailer, boy did you miss out. The entire theatre busted a gut through the whole thing. There was also some weird guy a few seats down who was just laughing whether it was funny or not. […]

It’s the weekend and I don’t know about you but we’re going to see “Cars”! This movie was hurt by some pretty bad teaser trailers, I think. Advance word on it from people who have seen it has been very positive, yet I can’t get anyone I konw excited about going. Everyone was affected by […]

This turned out to be a very exciting day, as talks between Disney and Pixar concerning their distribution deal ended with Pixar’s release after the next two films are up. This is an appropriate blow to Disney, who closed Florida feature only a few weeks ago and announced that they would produce all future releases […]

Triplettes of Belleville is out in Seattle, please pardon me if I choose not to get the French title precisely right. “Triplettes” best asset is the way it takes advantage of the traditional medium to prove once again that animation is not restricted by the laws of physics or even common sense. In its way, […]

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