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Good things and bad things have happened this year, but most of the good things involved this strip. We just passed the 200th strip milestone the other day and the schedule went up to three days a week. The first compilation book got made in a limited run, and we sold out of that initial […]

Someone, somewhere out there is having a glamorous New Year’s Eve party every year. It is my goal to find that person, befriend them, and take part in their fabulous lifestyle. Until then I’ll be spending my nights at the computer getting ready for the Emerald City Con. Yes, I’m going to keep slipping that […]

I like to think people still make resolutions, because we all have a basic desire to improve ourselves. The prospect of starting fresh in a new year is very appealing. And it does seem like every year has a different flavor to it, an overall sensation of “good” or “bad.” One friend told me that […]

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