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So I went to see Talladega Nights this weekend and died laughing. I have a hard time finding a comedy I’ll enjoy in the movie theaters these days, but I do go to Will Ferrell movies. I saw Anchorman in the drive-in and I was completely won over by the rumble between the various news […]

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I watched something marvelous last night. It was called Hollywood Revue. This movie that came out when talkies were brand new, and it featured New York stage entertainers and Hollywood stars from 1929. A younger Jack Benny than I’m used to seeing still had his violin in hand to host, and the talent he introduced ranged […]

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I went to see “Cars” this weekend – TWICE! To everyone who got taken in by that lousy teaser trailer, boy did you miss out. The entire theatre busted a gut through the whole thing. There was also some weird guy a few seats down who was just laughing whether it was funny or not. […]

It’s the weekend and I don’t know about you but we’re going to see “Cars”! This movie was hurt by some pretty bad teaser trailers, I think. Advance word on it from people who have seen it has been very positive, yet I can’t get anyone I konw excited about going. Everyone was affected by […]

Last night I watched Jailbait, which I’ve been meaning to see for years. I’m a big Ed Wood fan. I once told someone that the reason I’m interested in his movies and his life is I find it comforting that sometimes people with no talent really do fail. Bride of the Monster is probably my […]

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Just as I was about to write this, my travel mug went through some weird physics and sent large amounts of burning hot coffee flying into my mouth. Now my mouth is scorched. I thought you all should know that, so you can imagine what that must have been like and share in my pain. […]

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I tried out a little restaurant downtown Friday night called 22 Doors in Capitol Hill, the food was nice but it looked like their biggest draw was really their cocktails. That was the prelude to the worst Woody Allen movie I’ve ever seen, Match Point. I’ve seen most of his movies and I’d been waiting […]

We hung out last night with some friends I’ve known for a few years here in Seattle and had a little more fun than I should have on a week night. I’m gazing at the world through bleary eyes this morning. Oscar nominations came out yesterday, and as anybody who followed my old blog knows, […]

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 went to see King Kong on the 14th as I mentioned before. I was at a disadvantage already because I never cared much for the King Kong story… The movie was pure adventure story, always has been basically a B adventure movie, and no question it had some of the best action sequences I’ve ever […]

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Before you scoff, I know someone in Seattle who’s company is calling their tree the “Holiday Winter Solstice Tree.” We just got this year’s Scooter and Ferret Christmas cards made, I printed out fifty last night. The paper jammed three times when I tried to print ten at a time so I had to print […]

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