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Fans of the Scooter and Ferret Facebook page (and probably anybody else who wants to see) can enjoy a nice big set of Megacon 2010 pictures freshly posted. It seems like a lot of people go to cons these days in costume. There was not only more cosplay on display than I’ve ever seen before, […]

I wanted to upload all of my Megacon photos tonight but I couldn’t find the camera. What I did get to do is add in all of the new people who signed up for the strip over the weekend, so welcome to Scooter and Ferret! This is an excellent point to come in at as […]

I survived Megacon, somehow, some way. Sold some books and other merchandise, but more importantly, we got to meet some local artists. Most are in Tampa, but a couple were out of Orlando. We went out to dinner with some new faces, Krishna from PC Weenies and JT from Nightgig Studios. JT didn’t waste time […]

We went over to the convention center tonight and set up our space. The convention room is impressively large and a lot of people were already there setting up, especially the larger vendors who have the most to do. We got the drapery on the table (a nice respectable yellow) and it stands out nicely […]

Just a few more days before Megacon 2010! We’ll be at the Cliffside Comics table with Ever Tomorrow and Surly Queen in the Independent Press section with buttons, t-shirts, greeting cards and the last of the books. There are only 46 copies left so I recommend not wasting time if you want a copy. I […]

Some new things going on with the comic – I posted another Ask Maridee: I Like a Guy Who Isn’t Real. One of my super Twitter friends was kind enough to counter a negative comment on the last one with a positive one, pointing out as I did that the last poster didn’t seem to […]

My sister graduated from SCAD with a Sequential Art degree, just as Scott did, and just as many of our favorite artist colleagues did as well. She formed an artist co-op with several of her talented friends and I’ve just finished getting most of the work done on their website, Cliffside Comics. I say most […]

We’ve been in Florida for two years and haven’t gotten to know much of anyone creating comics. While we were off the strip we didn’t hit any cons, there are no Orlando comic clubs as far as we can discover, and the handful of ex-Disney animators we’d met weren’t particularly looking for new friends. So […]

We received our official confirmation that we have a booth reserved at Megacon, convention. I’m obviously excited because this is the first convention we’ve done since 2006. We didn’t have a lot of funds to work with when we were doing cons last time so we only did them in the Seattle/Vancouver/Olympia area. As much […]

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