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While having a solo in a Christmas program can be hugely rewarding, it can also be hugely time consuming. Three nights in early December came and went, and now it’s back to concentrating on blogging. We spent the afternoon talking about comics publishing with John Lustig, someone who knows plenty about the subject, and it […]

I decided not to sum up the two big events we had this week until today because I wanted to talk about them both at once, each in the context of the other. Monday’s event was Bumbershoot in Comics Biography Theater. As I write this, I’m reminded that in the midst of recovering from an […]

San Diego Con 2004. This was actually my first San Diego Con, Scott’s second. I wish I’d gotten to relax a little on the trip, but this was yet another working saga, so no rest for the wicked. Brian and Tracy Reynolds picked us up at the airport and we headed down for San Diego, […]

I said I was going to do a feature on some of the artists I met on Sunday, and I am, right after this: I’m annoyed beyond belief that so many members of the media (DJs and entertainment writers in particular) are complaining because the Oscars were “boring.” And why do they think so? No […]

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