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At the request of the Artist, we would like to highlight some of the supportive statements we received from our friends and fans: “Well it’s about time! Welcome back. You’ve been missed.” – John Lustig, Last Kiss Comics “Looks great kids!” – Dan Baldwin, Indiana University “I am thrilled about your return. I am probably […]

Today is my birthday. This weekend I went to a dinner party and chatted for awhile at the feet of an unassuming man that no one would guess was a comics legend by his demeanor. I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t know that Strangers in Paradise was coming to an end. I’ve been a reader […]

John Lustig has been creating Last Kiss since the early 1990’s. Last Kiss is a comic that pokes fun at the old-time romance comics genre. What makes Last Kiss so interesting is how Lustig uses original romance comics from that time period and replaces the dialogue with witty material from a modern sensibility. It’s a […]

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A friend of mine at worked admitted to me today that he LARPs. That’s Live Action Roleplaying to the uninitiated. He’s not in this video but he led us to it and what a great example of what that hobby is like. He also does Civil War re-enactments which has a level of respectability LARPing […]

Friday night, the trip to Claim Jumpers, was actually a surprise party all along. Although I don’t know if it came off as a complete surprise, as Scott says he figured out there would be a bunch of people waiting for us when we arrived at our table. He just wasn’t sure who. I was […]

View of the convention from our Scooter and Ferret booth   Goths on the prowl   I think this has something to do with Aqualad. I guess.A gaggle of Star Wars fans gather for a huddle. Roberta Gregory stops by to say hello on her way back from John’s booth.   This man has a […]

With Emerald City Con looming in the distance (April 1-2 everybody) it’s a relief to have the CD ready for sending off to the press. We’ve talked over upcoming things are thinking we may choose another con over San Diego this year. Possibly Chicago. We have nowhere near enough merchandise to make San Diego pay, […]

It’s hard to believe it’s all over. Let me start out by saying that attendance at Cascadia Con was lower than they were hoping for. That means that the amount of foot traffic going by our area, which was hosting Spawns of Insomnia, Comics Biography Theater and individual comics tables, was next to nothing most […]

I understand that the proof for the book will be ready as soon as this Friday. This is the first Wednesday strip to appear for Scooter and Ferret and is therefore a milestone. It’s a pretty exciting move for us and I’m really glad things are in a place where that can happen. I need to […]

I know some people have been checking back here waiting for some information to go up about Emerald City Con. I have been putting off making my entry until I had the pictures ready to support it. Here it is, blow by blow: Friday: We set up at the Center around 3:00. Most of the […]

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