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Being Halloween, tonight is my last night at Nightmare at Beaver Lake. I’ve been cast now two nights as the gypsy fortune teller which they tell me is a very natural performance. I sit under my tent until a group gets closer, then come out and warn them about the dark creatures howling on the […]

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My schedule is going to be really screwy all the way through Halloween night this year. I volunteered to help my buddy Scott Alan perform in Sammamish at Nightmare at Beaver Lake. He’s the star attraction Chuckles the Clown, where as I am whatever is needed female-wise. Tonight that was Witch #1, complete with hat, […]

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We got a little group together over Halloween and tried out one of Seattle’s unique events, Trolloween. My night started out great when I met up with some trick or treaters on the way out the door. I had put together an elaborate fairy masquerade outfit with a $14.99 used dress and a glue gun, […]

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It’s been three years since I left Atlanta behind, and it feels as if I left an entirely different way of living. The Atlanta animation community has a curious quirk; it’s primarily made up of men in their late 30s/early 40s who have an obsession with the 1950s and 60s. And old friend use to […]

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