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This is how I got my VIP party at Howl at the Moon. Chuckles, being the professional clown that he is, really knows how to work a crowd. See the video for yourself. Bookmark It Hide Sites

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The Wilsons arrived at the airport on Saturday afternoon. They were in the mood for Chinese, so I took them to a place near my office called the Golden Lotus. I think’s it’s tough to get good Chinese in Orlando, and I’m a bit picky that way, but although the Golden Lotus is a hole […]

Scott Alan and his wife Guinn are coming down from Seattle this week, and that will pretty much sum up my vacation this year. That said, I’ll be posting about what we did, so you’re not getting off that easy. Scott has a side business as a professional clown, was the president of Cartoonists Northwest […]

Time for a photo tour! We went to the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party last Sunday. If you recall my post about Project Flamingo, you will remember that my office is not having their usual affair, and that left me with a costume and a paper flamingo that needed a place to go. That […]

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What mends a broken heart? Probably not what I spent today doing, but I wanted to get this project finished. Every year my company holds a massive Halloween extravaganza that nearly everyone participates in. Last year, the IT department put up curtains and blacked out half of a wing into a dark house. They covered […]

Halloween decorations started going up at work several days ago, but it was a decoration bonanza this afternoon. As the aliens to the rest of our department’s Men in Black, we covered the outside of our cube’s with green cobwebs, black paper sky, glow in the dark stars and spaceship cutouts. Everyone has an alien […]

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People at my new office keep coming up to me with this furtive sidelong glance and saying, “Uh, you’ve heard Halloween is a big deal here right?” It’s like they’re a little embarrassed about how big a deal it really is. I got the first email announcement three weeks ago and thought it was a […]

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I wouldn’t be surprised at all if this was inspired by the Halloween when I wore a much more modest schoolgirl costume to our office party. It was the same year I was in a haunted woods attraction with Scott and he got a good laugh out of the outfit. The costume was almost worn […]

The keys are definitely being handed over on Saturday, so everything is final and decided. Also final and decided is our brief hiatus while we move our things and get settled in the new home. This move is really life-altering, because if my life didn’t revolve so closely around my commute it wouldn’t have been […]

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My friend David has done a lot of theater and choir, including this production of Schoolhouse Rocks! Yes, that’s him in the bill costume. If you search for the bill, this picture of him comes up in the first page of Google. He commented to me that he looked like a burrito in this costume […]

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