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As part of my preparations for the upcoming re-launch, I’m moving this website over to a new server. I installed WordPress on Network Solutions and they are not one of those open, friendly hosting services that gives you access to the database. I have to manually transfer the content into the new admin. Consequently I […]

While I was on the phone with my proposed colorist last night, I was telling him about the project and did a little research. I found this page detailing the history of the Lost Battalion, which my grandfather was a member of. To be precise, he was a member of the 2nd Battalion, 131st Field […]

Last week I finished splicing together three interviews I’ve done over the last two years: My grandmother, my mother, my mother’s godfather. They now alternate with the contents of my grandfather’s diary. From here, I write the script, and this is a big moment. I’ve started, paused, stopped and restarted this project so many times […]

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