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As part of my preparations for the upcoming re-launch, I’m moving this website over to a new server. I installed WordPress on Network Solutions and they are not one of those open, friendly hosting services that gives you access to the database. I have to manually transfer the content into the new admin. Consequently I […]

I finally finished moving my entire Blog into the new WordPress format. I didn’t realize until I went back through all of these posts that my first post was in November 2003. Back then I was starting a blog on the animation industry. I was pretty young and naive in those days, and I was […]

Speak of the devil, Animation Guild president Kevin Koch (he’s not the devil, the subject is) was interviewed on Lou Dobbs last week concerning

Neopets… it’s a card game I don’t play, but I am one friend removed from a few people who work there. Word has long gotten around that the pay there for artists is less than stellar; even though the company has long since left start-up status behind, artists salaries are far below a Los Angeles […]

My regular readers may be wondering why I’ve done so little commentating on the battle with Eisner lately. Fortunately, the stockholder’s meeting has made the national news in such a big way I’ve been blessed with some time off the subject. Pick an article, any article, and you’ll hear about how 43% of the stockholder’s […]

Watching CNN last night, supporters of foreign outsourcing claimed that the tide could be stemmed by more science education in schools. I’m mystified by how that would help, as I watch so many qualified and highly-skilled IT professionals lose their jobs, even here in Seattle, strictly because labor from India is cheaper. The implication is […]

This turned out to be a very exciting day, as talks between Disney and Pixar concerning their distribution deal ended with Pixar’s release after the next two films are up. This is an appropriate blow to Disney, who closed Florida feature only a few weeks ago and announced that they would produce all future releases […]

I’ve been graciously offered a subscription to Animation Express, a newsletter that beams itself right into my inbox from I appreciate this to no end; how else would I get frequent updates about foreign outsourcing that I can bring to the attention of other artists, and where oh where would I be without so […]

This week some very alarming news came out: while IBM will be adding 15,000 jobs, only 4500 will be offered to Americans. Meanwhile, 3000 of their existing jobs will be exported out of the country. In honor of that charming revelation from my former employer, I will now be posting excerpts from the numerous and […]

It’s time to talk about that favorite subject of mine, my personal crusade, foreign outsourcing. No one is talking about it, and we are in serious trouble. Candidate Howard Dean says he plans on creating two million jobs if elected. But it isn’t creation we need, it’s retention! No one was concerned when animators lost […]

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