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This convention completely exhausted me. I’m disappointed to say that no one moved a lot of merchandise from the booths to “Artist’s Alley”. There wasn’t much spending done by the attendees. But we sold 18 books and 30 new subscribers will be joining the mailing list soon. That means I’m going to put every effort […]

View of the convention from our Scooter and Ferret booth   Goths on the prowl   I think this has something to do with Aqualad. I guess.A gaggle of Star Wars fans gather for a huddle. Roberta Gregory stops by to say hello on her way back from John’s booth.   This man has a […]

t’s the day before Emerald City Con and all is a lot more well than it has been with past conventions. The cards were printed last night, finalizing the last items up for sale this year. There’s a new card featuring Ed being insulting, which I did a little differently by doing full color on […]

With Emerald City Con looming in the distance (April 1-2 everybody) it’s a relief to have the CD ready for sending off to the press. We’ve talked over upcoming things are thinking we may choose another con over San Diego this year. Possibly Chicago. We have nowhere near enough merchandise to make San Diego pay, […]

Preparations for Emerald City Con prevented the artist from finishing the one he’s working on. Looks like it will run Friday. But I can finally get excited about this upcoming convention because OUR BOOKS ARE HERE! The digitizing in the interior is gone, that I fixed myself, but a lot of people noticed that the […]

Tensions are running high as we come to the final leg of getting these first Scooter and Ferret books printed. I’m embarrassed to say how many times I screwed up putting these layouts together… I had to completely redo my work at least three times over. For some reason my brain shuts down when confronted […]

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