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We received our official confirmation that we have a booth reserved at Megacon, convention. I’m obviously excited because this is the first convention we’ve done since 2006. We didn’t have a lot of funds to work with when we were doing cons last time so we only did them in the Seattle/Vancouver/Olympia area. As much […]

The buttons for Emerald City Con came in last night and they look terrific! We’re going to use them as giveaways if someone buys a shirt or a book. That is if the books come in… I hate to say it but I’m a little anxious. This printer loves to cut it close. The shirts […]

I was a complete woman last night and got upset over nothing, so Scott really did something great this morning and completed most of the updating work for me. That’s really special because I had a really hard time getting up this morning. It’s always like this with a convention coming up. Emerald City Con […]

There weren’t as many costumes as I typically expect. An entire entourage of Star Wars characters did show up early Saturday, en mass as if they were being paid to be there. You were more likely to see people wearing what they probably thought was normal every day gear, if you think blue hair and […]

I know some people have been checking back here waiting for some information to go up about Emerald City Con. I have been putting off making my entry until I had the pictures ready to support it. Here it is, blow by blow: Friday: We set up at the Center around 3:00. Most of the […]

Tomorrow is the first day of Emerald City Con! The mockup comic book that was put together by Kinkos came back yesterday looking spectacular. There are more business cards to make, the prints are being mounted and this afternoon the booth will be put together. The old Animation Closet banner has been pulled out of […]

Preparation continues for the Emerald City Con. We’re going in on black and white flyers and the mockup pages are ready for a trip to Kinkos. I’ll be printing new business cards this week, and maybe when all of this is over with I’ll be able to breathe a little easier for awhile. The mockup […]

Someone, somewhere out there is having a glamorous New Year’s Eve party every year. It is my goal to find that person, befriend them, and take part in their fabulous lifestyle. Until then I’ll be spending my nights at the computer getting ready for the Emerald City Con. Yes, I’m going to keep slipping that […]

Arrive late to a Cartoonist Northwest meeting, find yourself elected vice-president. Scott will be spending the next year revitalizing the club with new events, so if you’re local to Seattle, interested in cartoons and haven’t been to a meeting, there’s never been a better time. And the best place to get introduced to everyone will […]

While having a solo in a Christmas program can be hugely rewarding, it can also be hugely time consuming. Three nights in early December came and went, and now it’s back to concentrating on blogging. We spent the afternoon talking about comics publishing with John Lustig, someone who knows plenty about the subject, and it […]

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