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I’m getting ready for a business trip to Orlando again. It’s been almost a year since my last one but I remember it like it was yesterday, I had a blast. My co-workers who didn’t go with me are skeptical about how much fun you can really have in Orlando, for some reason they think […]

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As you all should remember one of the early milestones this year that really shook up the animation industry was the buyout of Pixar by Disney, or rather Pixar taking charge of Disney animation. I wondered how this would alter the Disney Company at that time. Just the other day I read on the newswires […]

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In 1976, the year I was born, my family bought me a ceramic Winne the Pooh. It sat on my dresser next to a music box of Ernie sitting in a bathtub watching his rubber ducky swim in time to the melody (with the help of a moving magnet). Now my parents loved Disney parks, […]

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I’ve never gotten into video games in this space before, but I thought I would take a moment to promote the game I’ve been playing into the ground lately, Kingdom Hearts II. Just recently I gave the first Kingdom Hearts to a friend so he could see what all the excitement is about. He came […]

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An old friend once told me a story about freelancing. He was trying to get some work out of Disney so he sent in his portfolio. Now a number of people have told me this, that during the 90’s when animation had jobs and Eisner was in charge, portfolio reviewers took perverse pleasure in criticizing […]

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I¬†watched something marvelous last night. It was called Hollywood Revue. This movie that came out when talkies were brand new, and it featured New York stage entertainers and Hollywood stars from 1929. A younger Jack Benny than I’m used to seeing still had his violin in hand to host, and the talent he introduced ranged […]

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I went to see “Cars” this weekend – TWICE! To everyone who got taken in by that lousy teaser trailer, boy did you miss out. The entire theatre busted a gut through the whole thing. There was also some weird guy a few seats down who was just laughing whether it was funny or not. […]

It’s the weekend and I don’t know about you but we’re going to see “Cars”! This movie was hurt by some pretty bad teaser trailers, I think. Advance word on it from people who have seen it has been very positive, yet I can’t get anyone I konw excited about going. Everyone was affected by […]

I’m back from one of the most productive business trips I’ve ever been on. It was so productive that my supervisor gave me and the go-getter that I supervise a day off to enjoy the parks. Jason had never been to Disney World before so we spent the day at the Magic Kingdom, and that […]

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I have not taken an extended, non-work-related vacation in several years. I’ve been working now at Trendwest about two years and I’ve banked some time off hours, so starting this Friday the artist and I will be on our way to Florida to enjoy Disney World with the entire family. That means all parents, two […]

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