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For some reason it bothered me more this year, but I don’t see or hear the word “Christmas” enough anymore. If anyone thinks there hasn’t been a campaign to ban the word, they should watch the Food Network show I just turned off where two girls were planning a party with candy canes, nutcrackers and […]

I know, this Blog really disappeared. I would like to say why, but some extremely personal drama went on and I would really like to just get past it. So, moving on with life and I hope to return to the Disney experiences at some point. In the meantime, some things on Hurricane Katrina. As […]

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The parents are gone and things are beginning to return to normal. The house was in the center of a tornado for the last week, with all kinds of new things showing up in the kitchen, couches pulled out in the living room and a grandmother sleeping in the office. I have new pictures to […]

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This was the day Dan Rather came on CBS Evening News and said, “I’m sorry.” History in the making. As the CBS debacle barrels toward even more and more dire consequences for old media, I’ve started hearing a few “woe is me” complaints about the Blogosphere. “Whatever shall we do? Anyone with a modem is […]

How closely have you been following the CBS story? I’ve been avidly interested in it because it’s proof of the power of the new media. Once, many years ago, men like Walter Kronkite and Dan Rather were the gatekeepers to information; they decided what news would be reported, when we would hear it and what […]

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I don’t often call out a movie review, especially not one from the Seattle Times; I’ve always found their reviews to be completely untrustworthy, so I typically ignore them. But Mark Rahner’s review for the DVD release of the Passion of the Christ really has me fed up with this paper’s unabashed dislike of all […]

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I’ve been watching the Republican convention with a great big grin and not a little relief; it can be very lonely living the life of a conservative in Seattle. I thoroughly enjoyed McCain’s slam on Michael Moore, and I’m very sad that I can’t find an online confirmation of his comments regarding it afterward. The […]

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Last Saturday we went to a political picnic and got the chance to meet Michael Medved. I listen to his show for three hours every day, so this was big for me. We had a nice chat with his blogger who very kindly posted us on the Medved Fan blog site. All of this got […]

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Oscar nominations are out today, and no great surprises there if you caught the Globes. What I noticed immediately while going over the list was my prediction was correct: Destino is in the running for Best Animated Short. Competition in that category is meager these days, but to be fair Destino is a solid entry, […]

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