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Looks like Pea is less than pleased with life’s simple pleasures. I’ve spent the past couple of night’s trying to wrap up my sister’s new website and I’ve made really good progress. There’s a whole open side bar now that’s ideal for widgets but I think I may let them play around with that. One […]

Today is my birthday and I’ve taken the day off to use my Disney pass. I’m 34 and not ashamed of it. I’m glad I began my blog back in 2003 because reading through the years has given me a lot of insight into how my opinions and aspirations have changed over the years. Do […]

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You may have noticed that a comic did not go out on Friday. Family upheaval had me more occupied than getting something out last week, but we’ve had the weekend to discuss and now Friday’s are going to become a little extra-awesome. For it will be on Fridays that we will take a departure each […]

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