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I wanted to upload all of my Megacon photos tonight but I couldn’t find the camera. What I did get to do is add in all of the new people who signed up for the strip over the weekend, so welcome to Scooter and Ferret! This is an excellent point to come in at as […]

I survived Megacon, somehow, some way. Sold some books and other merchandise, but more importantly, we got to meet some local artists. Most are in Tampa, but a couple were out of Orlando. We went out to dinner with some new faces, Krishna from PC Weenies and JT from Nightgig Studios. JT didn’t waste time […]

We went over to the convention center tonight and set up our space. The convention room is impressively large and a lot of people were already there setting up, especially the larger vendors who have the most to do. We got the drapery on the table (a nice respectable yellow) and it stands out nicely […]

Just a few more days before Megacon 2010! We’ll be at the Cliffside Comics table with Ever Tomorrow and Surly Queen in the Independent Press section with buttons, t-shirts, greeting cards and the last of the books. There are only 46 copies left so I recommend not wasting time if you want a copy. I […]

Short note today, I uploaded the new cartoon starring Scooter and Ferret up yesterday – Check it out! And if you like it, don’t forget to rate it and pass it on… Bookmark It Hide Sites

I’m so glad the Olympics are over, now I can finally get some sleep. Seriously, skating was regularly getting good at 11 at night. This will be the week I post the new cartoon ‘Animal Court’, which my good friend Claude Edwards recorded over 10 years ago. Right before the Internet bubble burst, Flash cartoons […]

I wrapped up the the new cartoon tonight and what a great feeling it is to have it done before the weekend. Especially when I’ll need to put some time into scanning and lettering more strips by Monday. I know my life is weird when I find myself holding an MP3 player up to some […]

Scooter and Ferret

Some new things going on with the comic – I posted another Ask Maridee: I Like a Guy Who Isn’t Real. One of my super Twitter friends was kind enough to counter a negative comment on the last one with a positive one, pointing out as I did that the last poster didn’t seem to […]

Scooter and Ferret

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