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I have to link you to the most asinine study I’ve seen in quite awhile. A recent paper concludes that women in the most popular comic strips in America are portrayed as objects, props, and supporting cast. The reason why this is comparable to concluding that water is wet is that the comic strips studied […]

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If it weren’t for these deadlines I’d never get this thing done. Back when we were in talks with a syndicate, our potential editor said she was visualizing Ask Maridee (the retooled Scooter and Ferret) as a replacement for Cathy. Like it or not, that will always tie our strip in my mind with the […]

I’ve been remiss in reading other people’s webcomics since April, when I quit my job and turned in my laptop. I had all of my subscriptions by email going there and all of my RSS feeds hooked to my browser, save a select few using Feedburner that would only show up on iGoogle. Not my […]

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Case 1: Girl A unsubscribes to this email by clicking the link that takes her to the MailChimp unsubscribe form. Even though it’s not required, she graciously gives a reason for leaving and submits her form. MailChimp takes her off my list immediately. I hate to lose anyone of course, but when someone your stats […]

I use a dappled brush in Photoshop to make the reflection on Pea’s glasses. Scott commented he’d never seen it actually used by anyone and honestly, I don’t know what else you would use it for. News has been out for a few days about the death of Harvey Pekar but I shouldn’t let it […]

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I found another fun review that I had to translate to read, which we think is in Romanian and can be found at Metropotam by Comixfan. I apologize for getting such a huge kick out of messy translations. My favorite Google translator mishaps include: the strip has “answers to all young Internet users and fur”, […]

We got a very intriguing review from the Art Patient last week. It’s very positive, although some of the details are a little confused. Ask Maridee was the version of the strip we created for the syndicate, and the strip as it is now is our reversal of those changes. The conversion of Matt from […]

Scooter and Ferret

I’m churning out scripts tonight because Scott only has one left before he runs on empty. OK so life has been a little transitional lately. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on a big storyline that should carry the strip into next month. We’ve seen a lot of characters come back since the January […]

Fans of the Scooter and Ferret Facebook page (and probably anybody else who wants to see) can enjoy a nice big set of Megacon 2010 pictures freshly posted. It seems like a lot of people go to cons these days in costume. There was not only more cosplay on display than I’ve ever seen before, […]

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