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There’s a man driving a car on the freeway behind a truck carrying long metal pipes. His girlfriend is sitting next to him; she has short blonde hair and a pink dress. The catch on the truck bed in front of them lets violently loose. A long, slender pipe crashes through their windshield. The driver […]

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Last Friday we had a terrific evening with the Reynolds and went to see The Incredibles at the Seattle Cinerama. Seattle’s hip crowd was out for the 9:55 showing, with hardly a person over 35 or under 20 braving the cold in a long line to the door. Let me interject here to make a […]

The Golden Globes were on last night, an awards show that has perhaps developed more clout than it deserves, considering the source. But as Finding Nemo was up for an award as best musical or comedy, it became animation news. “Nemo” would have been an unlikely winner, given that it’s difficult to make a logical […]

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