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After the five day treatment of big pink pills, I’m just about completely back to normal. That means it’s time to talk about the two upcoming events this weekend, the Cartoonists Northwest Spawns Wrap Party and the Seattle Comicard Convention. The CNW party celebrates the completion of the judging for Spawns of Insomnia, when we’ll […]

My cold immediately became an infection, so I missed a day of work yesterday and took the time out to see a doctor and recover. Happy to report I’m on pills and recovering nicely. I had a little bit of time in that case to put more Spawns stories together, though I’ve been informed they […]

Getting these Spawns of Insomnia pages up for the Cartoonists Northwest website is going to be some task. We had a lot of participants this year, and most of them completed all 24 pages. That’s a lot of comics pages to prep! And that would be why I only managed to finish three of them. […]

It’s hard to believe it’s all over. Let me start out by saying that attendance at Cascadia Con was lower than they were hoping for. That means that the amount of foot traffic going by our area, which was hosting Spawns of Insomnia, Comics Biography Theater and individual comics tables, was next to nothing most […]

Today is the first day that I will be appearing at Cascadia Con. I magically got a full pass to the event so I took my Friday off work to enjoy at least some use out of it. I plan to set up the table and sell some of our first Scooter and Ferret books, […]

In honor of this week’s event, we will be re-running the Communist Peas for three days. What is this week’s event? Spawns of Insomnia and Comics Biography Theater is finally upon us. Spawns of Insomnia is a 24-hour event that will feature artists drawing entire 24 page comic books before they can go home to […]

A friend of mine I’ve known for awhile just recently subscribed to the strip by email and noticed my updates for the first time. He has pronounced them “snarky.” I believe he meant that in a good way. The number of email subscribers has been increasing since we switched to the three day a week […]

IĀ understand that the proof for the book will be ready as soon as this Friday. This is the first Wednesday strip to appear for Scooter and Ferret and is therefore a milestone. It’s a pretty exciting move for us and I’m really glad things are in a place where that can happen. I need to […]

The chosen printer for the book is going to be on vacation this week; no doubt they need the rest after what was surely a rush for San Diego Con, but who would have thought getting something printed would be this difficult. The foreword went in this afternoon and that means the interior is officially […]

On Brian Basset’s advice, we’re trying out producing the originals at a smaller size. Within hours I’ll be on the plane to Indiana to speak at Indiana University’s VisionFest student animation festival. Getting the chance to meet John Canemaker would be honor enough, and getting the chance to speak in the same series of lectures […]

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