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Friday night, the trip to Claim Jumpers, was actually a surprise party all along. Although I don’t know if it came off as a complete surprise, as Scott says he figured out there would be a bunch of people waiting for us when we arrived at our table. He just wasn’t sure who. I was […]

View of the convention from our Scooter and Ferret booth   Goths on the prowl   I think this has something to do with Aqualad. I guess.A gaggle of Star Wars fans gather for a huddle. Roberta Gregory stops by to say hello on her way back from John’s booth.   This man has a […]

I tried out a little restaurant downtown Friday night called 22 Doors in Capitol Hill, the food was nice but it looked like their biggest draw was really their cocktails. That was the prelude to the worst Woody Allen movie I’ve ever seen, Match Point. I’ve seen most of his movies and I’d been waiting […]

The artist needed a break today because he put so much time, sweat and energy into Cartoonists Northwest’s Toonie Awards this year. We had it in the banquet hall of the Yankee Grill and it was the biggest turnout they may have ever had. Much of the thanks for that goes to Scott, who contacted […]

Late coming out became a day late, sorry about that. That goes to show how successful the Cashmere trip was. We stayed with Dan McConnell and his wife Ann and had once again, a terrific and restful weekend. The eastern side of Washington was covered in a thick blanket of snow. We sledded at top […]

I’ve got a sample page for the Communist Pea spread that I’ve been passing around online, and the more I look at it and get comments the happier I am with it. It’s made through a complex Photoshop process that has more steps for each shape on the page than anybody would care to hear […]

I came down with what is probably yet another sinus infection this weekend and had to stay home from work today, with the intention of going to the doctor this afternoon. Sickness has been going around the office and whenever that happens, you can be sure I’ll be out too. I literally spent the entire weekend […]

Good things and bad things have happened this year, but most of the good things involved this strip. We just passed the 200th strip milestone the other day and the schedule went up to three days a week. The first compilation book got made in a limited run, and we sold out of that initial […]

I was wrong about the length of the guest artist storyline, its actually 6 strips instead of 9. That means we will be gone for two weeks not three and I can’t count. Our guest artist will be our friend Scott Alan, who spent a lot of time with us through September planning for Spawns […]

A domain name temporarily needing renewal prevented me from doing an update on Saturday’s Cartoonist Northwest party. It was a particularly great event, tons of people showed up and most of them brought food. All the excitement was due to the prizes being given out in response to the hard work so many of our […]

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