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When I made my Oscar predictions in January, I made them before the firestorm of press coverage Million Dollar Baby received when a number of conservative commentators complained about its right-to-life message. I was worried when that happened. I’ve been studying Oscar patterns a long time and I knew that there was a chance voters […]

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I promised a little more concerning the animated shorts up for Oscar this year. As I sorted through the information available on AWN, I had only intended on writing a little on each. Instead, I found myself completely absorbed in Chris Robinson’s articles about the 3D nominee Ryan. Chris’s piece on Ryan Larkin is eloquent […]

The Oscar nominees are out and it’s time for everyone to make some predictions. I have an odd sort of hobbyist’s interest in the patterns of the Academy; I know how to ignore the promotions, the stupid things celebrities say throughout the year and the annual onstage shennanigans and analyze with some accuracy how the […]

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How did Christmas get here so fast this year? I own a well-worn video casette copy of the Rankin-Bass Rudolph special (be warned, horrifying MIDI music embedded). Looking back on it now, it’s amazing to see both how jerky the motion is and how utterly charming it is as a whole. I don’t think I’m […]

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Last Friday we had a terrific evening with the Reynolds and went to see The Incredibles at the Seattle Cinerama. Seattle’s hip crowd was out for the 9:55 showing, with hardly a person over 35 or under 20 braving the cold in a long line to the door. Let me interject here to make a […]

It was one of those kind of weeks as our server went down for roughly three days for Scooter and Ferret, four days for the Animation Closet. The only parts of AC that I regularly update are the Links page and the Ball Blog, so my memory was failing me as I tried to figure […]

This was the day Dan Rather came on CBS Evening News and said, “I’m sorry.” History in the making. As the CBS debacle barrels toward even more and more dire consequences for old media, I’ve started hearing a few “woe is me” complaints about the Blogosphere. “Whatever shall we do? Anyone with a modem is […]

Two movies have arrived in theaters that completely surpassed all of my expectations: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Shrek 2. I’m an avid reader of the Harry Potter series, even one of those people who reads the extras, follows the interviews and tries to unravel the clues. I enjoyed the first two […]

Tom Sito’s article on AWN got passed to me this week, and I couldn’t let this one go by. Now Tom is highly qualified to talk about animation’s history and its current state of affairs. He’s also a genuinely nice guy who is passionate about what he does. I have some disagreements and points to […]

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Where has she gone? This Blog hasn’t been updated in ages! Yes its true. It’s been sparse around here for about a month. Time to reveal the reason: I’ve been settling into my new job. I was a contractor and a freelancer for seven years, so my first salaried position has been an enormously pleasant […]

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