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What mends a broken heart? Probably not what I spent today doing, but I wanted to get this project finished. Every year my company holds a massive Halloween extravaganza that nearly everyone participates in. Last year, the IT department put up curtains and blacked out half of a wing into a dark house. They covered […]

I finally finished moving my entire Blog into the new WordPress format. I didn’t realize until I went back through all of these posts that my first post was in November 2003. Back then I was starting a blog on the animation industry. I was pretty young and naive in those days, and I was […]

Well here we go again. Once again, cartoonists, animators and illustrators will likely take the brunt in the wallet and the potential paycheck for widespread hysteria on the part of some. A pending lawsuit was settled out of court by Kelloggs and concerned parents and nutrition advocacy groups that were threatening legal action on the […]

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Originally I called the Oscar win for Happy Feet a disappoint, and said it was not a contender for Cars. That was based on the generally unfavorable reviews, I hadn’t seen it for myself yet. I got to see it on the plane back last night and now I can safely say that not only […]

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So this was an Oscar night without a lot of groaner moments, which is nice for a change. Anyone catch those acrobats forming movie titles? Just when you thought the Academy had surpassed the cheesy nineties they bring in the shadow puppet people. I was a little annoyed by how many times the announcer kept […]

As you all should remember one of the early milestones this year that really shook up the animation industry was the buyout of Pixar by Disney, or rather Pixar taking charge of Disney animation. I wondered how this would alter the Disney Company at that time. Just the other day I read on the newswires […]

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A debate raged in my household yesterday: animation vs. comics. Ok so we do seem more than a little cynical about the animation industry these days. Not that I’ve really expressed that in this space but friends who talk to me privately know it. That doesn’t mean we’re out of it. Last night I was […]

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A few years ago I moved out of Atlanta, and not too much time after that, a close friend of mine moved to New York. We’ve corresponded since then mainly by brief emails and blogs. It’s a relief for people like me, who rarely ever call anybody, that blogs exist, and we can use them […]

A good friend of ours came and visited us this past week that we hadn’t seen in years. It’s wonderful to meet old friends again after so much time and catching up on the good times. He’s part of the New York City crowd and life is so different there from any other city in […]

I’ve never gotten into video games in this space before, but I thought I would take a moment to promote the game I’ve been playing into the ground lately, Kingdom Hearts II. Just recently I gave the first Kingdom Hearts to a friend so he could see what all the excitement is about. He came […]

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