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Animation Nation is alive today as Disney and Pixar announce their merger. Oh, you heard Disney bought Pixar? That’s the technical term for it, but Steve Jobs is now the biggest stockholder on the board and John Lasseter is taking over the entire creative side of Disney, including imagineering. For those of us that were […]

Some great folks on Animation Nation recently asked me who Maridee is based on. For starters, it’s exciting that people I don’t know are aware of Maridee at all. Secondly, if you aren’t aware of this already as a regular reader of this space, it’s the writer of this strip (Georgia, that’s me) that writes […]

San Diego Con 2004. This was actually my first San Diego Con, Scott’s second. I wish I’d gotten to relax a little on the trip, but this was yet another working saga, so no rest for the wicked. Brian and Tracy Reynolds picked us up at the airport and we headed down for San Diego, […]

This has been no surprise to members of Animation Nation, but the closure of Walt Disney Feature in Florida has finally come to pass. It hit the Orlando Sentinel today, making it official in a final way the LA studio never got to enjoy. 600-700 artists and craftsman lost their jobs, but more than that, […]

I’m very proud to see Animation Nationpersonally thanked in a letter from Roy Disney, jr. I have watched Mr. Disney on television since I was a child, holding onto animation’s glory days. Without him, Fantasia 2000 would not have happened. Without him, Wild Life would have. The Nation has shown itself repeatedly to be THE […]

It’s not the New Year without Chris Robinson displaying his usual amount of class, contributing to everyone’s hangover from last year with a little kvetching and moaning. Animation World Magazine inexplicably continues to publish articles by the Animation Pimp. He was soundly booed off of Animation Nation sometime around September 11th; I think I had […]

Maridee is in her final stages of development. Scott is doing some amazing inks, and it tooks some thought deciding about her hair. I envisioned her as a brunette, hair literally brown, but Scott is moving more towards black hair. Black hair is going to be much more dramatic on paper, and some decisions had to be made about the highlights at the top. These are the kinds of things I would never think about; I’m too busy going from one script to another to wonder exactly how Maridee’s hairline is going to look. But attention to detail is one of the things I admire most about Scott.

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