Lydia has enough control over her hands now to place thumb in mouth and suck vigorously. She’s also very actively making sounds that occasionally string together to make babble, and taking an interest in turning this into a back-and-forth pseudo dialogue with me. Sometimes an entire hour goes by without breaking down into a wailing seizure of eternal pain. Sometimes. Today she received her immunizations and for most of the rest of the day she let us know she didn’t care for the procedure. By the afternoon we were getting concerned she might really be sick, but all is calm for now.

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We’re surviving a colicky baby period, mostly thanks to a prescription med that is truly a God-send. I’m getting quite skilled at eating with one hand, as it turns out that babies want you to hold them at all times. For the typical infant she doesn’t sleep very often, but when she does it’s starting to be at long but awkward stretches, usually while I need to be doing something that keeps me from sleeping while she sleeps. We find ourselves keeping meticulous count of the frequency of feedings, wet diapers, dirty diapers, and burps, and I know more about my baby’s schedule than I do about my own. We’re still producing the strip but what’s gone out the window is any time to put thought into promotion and much of my social communication. But content is the important thing, there will always be time to do that again when Lydia is a few more months along.

The baby is rolling around on my lap trying to find a comfortable position. Could this mean there is actual sleep coming? Shouldn’t get too hopeful.

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