Meet the cast of Scooter and Ferret, a story about best friends and their internet connections. The webcomic was launched in 2004 and it’s changed a lot over the years but the themes are still the same: the world may abuse us, but if we’re all being abused together, who knows the difference anyway?

ScooterFerret is neat and tidy, sarcastic and irritable. He may only be a Ferret, but he dreams big. He maintains the popular opinion blog “I’m Right, You’re Wrong.”
ScooterScooter lives without a care in the world. He also lives on food left in tupperware carefully labeled “Ferret’s lunch: Do not eat!” Though he’s a dog in a man’s world, Scooter doesn’t let it concern him. He’s just as content to grab a cola as he is to drink out of the toilet.Whenever Ferret is in trouble, Scooter is there… causing it.
MarideeMaridee met Ferret while working as an administrative assistant for Cinema Slides, where she chewed gum and answered phones when she felt like it. They have been fast friends ever since. At least when Maridee doesn’t have something better to do.
MelvinMelvin lives to roleplay, especially his favorite game “Sword & Booty,” which he DMs every Friday night and organizes related trips to Renaissance Fairs. He works as a janitor at Wixel World.
Jesse the Macadamian SquirrelJesse is an immigrant from Macadamia, land of the Macadamian Squirrels. Macadamian Squirrels are everywhere, cute as a button and twice as helpful, yet somehow always underpaid and underfoot.
Ed The GoldfishEd is a carnival goldfish that not only managed to live longer than three days, he couldn’t be in better health. His hobbies include insults and watching other people get hurt. Can’t see him? Neither can anyone else, but we know he’s in there somewhere.
BrenBren is Maridee’s wild and carefree best friend. If Maridee is in trouble, it was probably Bren’s idea. She believes her fiery personality is from her Filipino roots—but we think it’s all her.
MattMatt used to be Maridee’s slobbering boss. Now he’s her boyfriend – this guy knows how to persevere!
BertBert Hernandez is a guy’s guy, a man’s man, and a contented slob. He’s Ferret and Scooter’s comic-loving pal.

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