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Tonight I’m teaching the team for Ever Tomorrow how to move their files onto Comicpress. It won’t be long now before they discover a whole new world of breezy uploading. Bookmark It Hide Sites

It’s getting harder to go to the beach. It’s getting harder to do much of anything, including bend over and even stay on my feet without losing my balance. You know a man is ready to be a father though when he looks out at the ocean around him and says with decision: “This would […]

When I’m ready to publish this I’m going to spruce up those narration scrolls. If all goes well I’ll be launching two websites at work tomorrow. One company manages adoptions and the other sells frozen nacho cheese. I love the variety of advertising, very different clients, very different industries, radically different designs and visions. One […]

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The latest doctor visit says everything is healthy, mother and baby. I’ve gained exactly the right amount of weight, not too much, not too little, and have not developed gestational diabetes. I am slightly anemic and need more protein, so iron supplements are on the way. Now at the tail end of the stormy events […]

I’ve been remiss in reading other people’s webcomics since April, when I quit my job and turned in my laptop. I had all of my subscriptions by email going there and all of my RSS feeds hooked to my browser, save a select few using Feedburner that would only show up on iGoogle. Not my […]

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Case 1: Girl A unsubscribes to this email by clicking the link that takes her to the MailChimp unsubscribe form. Even though it’s not required, she graciously gives a reason for leaving and submits her form. MailChimp takes her off my list immediately. I hate to lose anyone of course, but when someone your stats […]

I had to struggle to remember what I did this weekend. My life is a stream of consciousness series of episodes, moving large furniture, unpacking boxes and throwing out until pile of stuff. I did catch Despicable Me on Friday night, which was cute, not great. The best part was the character designs, the movie […]

I use a dappled brush in Photoshop to make the reflection on Pea’s glasses. Scott commented he’d never seen it actually used by anyone and honestly, I don’t know what else you would use it for. News has been out for a few days about the death of Harvey Pekar but I shouldn’t let it […]

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Transferring Joomla sites from server to server will eventually become routine, but I ran into a nasty snag last night. The latest site I’m working on has over 5000 files associated with it but unzipping the upload didn’t take long. Imagine my surprise when the mySQL database connection was in place no problem, but NO […]

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A little tired today after yesterday’s kayak to Wekiva Springs. A recommended stop in Orlando that the Florida locals love to go to. Bookmark It Hide Sites

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