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A very good friend (Stephanie!) threw me a very fantastic baby shower this weekend and I am still so touched. I’m never comfortable with that much attention and never really feel like I should have parties thrown for me, so I was having flashbacks to my awkward wedding and bridal shower before I went. It […]

The garden is getting tense. The quest to turn my Mac into a convincing web development tool is not going well. The more proficient I become at using it, the more I find that I’m doing workarounds where workarounds shouldn’t be necessary. This thing was clearly designed as a personal computing tool for the the […]

Last night was a circus. I was having nightmares associated with dinner when I woke up at about 3 am to the sound of something thudding against a door. That turned out to be one of the four house cats who would normally be in the garage at that hour, but had somehow gotten itself […]

I’m taking the day off tomorrow for no more complicated reason than that I’m pregnant and tired. Week after week of just going, going, going has taken everything out of me. It will be nice to have tomorrow to try to start putting the nursery together. Bookmark It Hide Sites

I have to link you to the most asinine study I’ve seen in quite awhile. A recent paper concludes that women in the most popular comic strips in America are portrayed as objects, props, and supporting cast. The reason why this is comparable to concluding that water is wet is that the comic strips studied […]

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It was an exciting day yesterday when we finally took the trip to Babies R Us and got the three piece furniture set going in the nursery. The hard part about the trip was that the furniture had been a promised gift from my parents last March, and my mother had some firm ideas about […]

If it weren’t for these deadlines I’d never get this thing done. Back when we were in talks with a syndicate, our potential editor said she was visualizing Ask Maridee (the retooled Scooter and Ferret) as a replacement for Cathy. Like it or not, that will always tie our strip in my mind with the […]

Sorry for the lateness, somebody came home a little late from playing games last night. Bookmark It Hide Sites

This link got me thinking about what I got out of my public school education. My school days weren’t roses and lilacs. Socially speaking I try to think about them as little as possible. But on the other hand: 1. Damage me now, damage me later, what’s the difference? Some parents have told me they […]

I loved how the color turned out on this one. I have to get this rant out – my company is celebrating the launch of a website tomorrow. No lie, this website’s shopping cart was a living hell to format, and I spent weeks on this website that at times nearly brought me to tears […]

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