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We’re surviving a colicky baby period, mostly thanks to a prescription med that is truly a God-send. I’m getting quite skilled at eating with one hand, as it turns out that babies want you to hold them at all times. For the typical infant she doesn’t sleep very often, but when she does it’s starting […]

The baby is rolling around on my lap trying to find a comfortable position. Could this mean there is actual sleep coming? Shouldn’t get too hopeful. Bookmark It Hide Sites

I’m back, so as you can guess the C-section went smoothly and I now have a baby. The nurses said two things right away: “She is so cute!” and “My what strong lungs!” I’m not getting a lot of sleep but I was getting none in the hospital with all of the tests they were […]

My last excursion to EPCOT turned into a nasty cold/flu virus, confirming my suspicion that I should really stay in as much as possible for awhile. Before my nose surgery it might have easily turned into an infection, but this time around it’s already gone. It was quite bad at its worst and now Scott […]

We spent the day at Epcot’s annual Food and Wine Festival, my dad’s first time and our second. This was the last day out I’ll be doing before I have the baby. It was pretty difficult to get around but we were smart about it, parking close, taking a lot of rest stops and drinking […]

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One of my friends had a baby girl who quickly grew out of her baby clothes, so I was very happy to take them on. There were two garbage bags full of very really high-quality things, including some Baby Gap. The baby is going to be better dressed than I am for the first year […]

This was an appropriate strip to reprint since the reason I’m posting later than usual is because I had a scare with the dog last night. Scott is always at poker on Tuesday nights and the dog is with me. I had a busy evening and Moose typically snoozes under the computer desk while I […]

The original rabbit looked entirely different, funny how drawing choices change over the years. This article on Apple’s press release today is a must-read. First it breaks it down to the basics, that Apple had banned third-party app development to enforce the use of their own development tools, not out of an altruistic intention to […]

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A friend linked me to this interesting article on Frank Cho. He described it as slightly depressing but I think the most depressing aspect might be Frank’s dedication to drawing enormous breasts at all times in spite of no longer being 15 years old. The article mentions his years of syndication with Liberty Meadows and […]

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We put Moose in the kennel over the weekend while we went down to Miami Beach for some rest. They love our dog at the boarders and squeal over him every time he visits. Moose is less enamored with the kennel, he shook all the way there and as soon as we placed him into […]

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