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It’s time to make the goodbye that everyone already assumed official: the Scooter and Ferret webcomic has come to a close. No amount of typing seems like an appropriate way to end the 6 years of drama, rewards and artistic struggle that took up such a huge part of our life during the century’s first […]

In my eternal quest to be involved in too many things, I will be speaking to the Seattle Graphic Artists Guild next week on Google Analytics. Here are the details: May 18 Workshop next week Reserve now Understanding Google Analytics with Georgia Ball Web analytics are a window into the private world of website user […]

I said I would say what happened to us when it was ok to say so and now is a good time. Last October I got an email I didn’t believe was real at first asking me if I was interested in writing for Strawberry Shortcake. Imagine being a small-town actress working in community theater […]

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Yes it’s true, the comic is going to be set aside for awhile. Not because of the baby, not even because we’re moving, but because of an opportunity the artist has right now that we really can’t say no to in favor of “Scooter and Ferret.” The frustrating part is I’m also working on an […]

I breezed across the lawn of the St. Michelle Winery today and paused at the entrance of a building I haven’t seen in nearly four years. Something reminded me of those old halls in Jane Austen novels, possibly the design of the building, at any rate there was no butler to greet me as I […]

Scooter and Ferret is updating again and what a whirlwind month. Both me and my sister are moving to separate locations at the same time, so the house is chaos. Tensions between all of us are low, we’re bonded together in adversities lately, but we can’t avoid each others’ space. Boxes are everywhere and that’s […]

In case anyone is wondering what’s going on with Scooter and Ferret updates in the new year, they haven’t fallen victim to the new baby – Scott’s just under a tight deadline for his freelance project. New strips will return next week. In the meantime, I would like to show off the new portfolio site […]

After some very wild wild-goose-chases this month I put a deposit down on a condo rental last Friday. I’m going with the “location location location” philosophy by choosing an amenity-free, family-run little place that happens to be 12 minutes from where I work. And that’s if I take the main roads, I believe there may […]

I distinctly remember saying that if I wasn’t moving out of my house and into a smaller, temporary place, I wouldn’t mind having a Soda Stream. Yet in spite of my best efforts to discourage adding more items to the move, a genie granted my wish and a Soda Stream appeared under the tree this […]

Lydia has enough control over her hands now to place thumb in mouth and suck vigorously. She’s also very actively making sounds that occasionally string together to make babble, and taking an interest in turning this into a back-and-forth pseudo dialogue with me. Sometimes an entire hour goes by without breaking down into a wailing […]

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