It’s time to make the goodbye that everyone already assumed official: the Scooter and Ferret webcomic has come to a close. No amount of typing seems like an appropriate way to end the 6 years of drama, rewards and artistic struggle that took up such a huge part of our life during the century’s first decade. All of the characters are going to be under my skin for the rest of my life and I was very hesitant to announce the final end.

The most remarkable result of this webcomic was it caught the attention of a publisher and led to my first publication. Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Fun #1 came out on August 3 and for that minority of reviewers who read all-ages comics, the consensus was “adorable.” I have three more issues coming out, with #2 arriving in stores September 28 and the trade collection arriving to a bookstore near you in December.

Scott has been consumed with drawing another Ape Entertainment property that leaves no room for webcomics on the side. Scouts was just announced on their website to be released in early 2012 and that is probably the best reason to update this site and leave it to rest. In a coincidence that I can’t help but appreciate, the upcoming graphic novel just happens to feature a wily weasel.

Even if we decide to eventually return to our own properties, Scooter and Ferret probably won’t be resumed. I’ve got some other ideas I would like to try out, building on the lessons I learned here and working for Ape. I also intend to start blogging updates on Tumblr instead of here, but this website will remain standing as long as people want to continue reading these old adventures. Here’s to old friends and new starts.

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