I said I would say what happened to us when it was ok to say so and now is a good time. Last October I got an email I didn’t believe was real at first asking me if I was interested in writing for Strawberry Shortcake. Imagine being a small-town actress working in community theater when someone walks in and asks you if you want to be in a little film they’re making about Scarlett O’Hara. That kind of moment. Comically, the date my editor set for our initial meeting was on the day I was scheduled to give birth. I didn’t want to make it sound like I would be too busy having a baby to write, so I casually put off the phone call until the next day. My first call about the project was from a hospital bed while recovering from a C-section.

Six months come and go and the first book in the 4-part series comes out in July. It’s been the experience of a lifetime and I don’t intend to let it be my last! Writing scripts didn’t stop me from writing Scooter and Ferret, but about a month ago a comic project came in for Scott too, and between that and his regular illustration work, continuing the strip wasn’t realistic. His project is a big opportunity and I would never tell him to put off in favor of our personal work, and I’ve wanted for many years to see his skill get the exposure it truly deserves.

I wrote all of the long 16-page stories for the books and one 4-page story is mine, plus I wrote the solicitations, and we’re a staff pick in May Previews. I actually have not written the fourth script in the Strawberry series yet but I’m determined to make it the best of the four. Although I’ve stopped sending out the comic strip emails, I intend to continue to use my blog space, so if you’re only interested in seeing more of the main comic, now is the time to drop the RSS feed. This is still a good way to keep showing work in progress, and I’m keeping the future status of this strip open for now. The archives are definitely staying up, there are 400 strips on this site and they are worth reading. There’s something to be said for getting your work out there after all.

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