Yes it’s true, the comic is going to be set aside for awhile. Not because of the baby, not even because we’re moving, but because of an opportunity the artist has right now that we really can’t say no to in favor of “Scooter and Ferret.” The frustrating part is I’m also working on an exciting project that’s well underway and as it hasn’t been officially announced, I’m not ready to make it generally known yet either. I will say that I’m four scripts in and I absolutely can’t WAIT to start talking about it. Something I’ve learned very quickly about print comics over webcomics is nothing is instant. So we’re going to have to be cryptic, and promise to blog about it when it’s ok to do that.

Now to the other interesting change in our life, we’ve moved back to Seattle. On the one hand you need to follow your opportunities, on the other, as soon as we got off the plane it was obvious we belonged here anyway. Slipping back into the Seattle lifestyle and old relationships has been too natural for it to be any other way. I can list things I’m glad I got to be there for in Orlando: my mother’s death, the beginning of my sister’s career, the close friends I made, and the techical skills I improved. It will always be the place where my baby was born and where my mother is buried. For a long time it may be a place to visit family and see friends. But we live here. For good I think. I am so excited to show Lydia everything I love about the Northwest as she grows up, and to surround her with our quirky friends in comics who have all been very vocal in welcoming us home. I will be at Emerald City Comic Con this year, not with “Scooter and Ferret,” just checking in to see what everyone has been up to and get back into the scene I left behind for some reason. I’ve heard ECCC actually got good lately. They must have stopped scheduling it over the Superbowl.

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  1. markmonlux

    Oh, why did you move back? Not that I’m unhappy about it – but right now I’m so tired of winter here in Tacoma I’d move to Florida in a heartbeat. I’m looking forward to seeing you at ECCC. I will be at table J-15.

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