I distinctly remember saying that if I wasn’t moving out of my house and into a smaller, temporary place, I wouldn’t mind having a Soda Stream. Yet in spite of my best efforts to discourage adding more items to the move, a genie granted my wish and a Soda Stream appeared under the tree this year. I immediately abandoned my misgivings and embraced my new appliance with reckless joy, leaving my nagging concerns for later… How hard was this going to be? What does homemade soda taste like? Are the supplies hard to get? Does this really save money? Tonight I had the house to myself, so I dug into the box and almost gave up right then when I saw how complicated it looked. Fortunately I didn’t allow myself to give in to intimidation and waded through the mult-language instruction booklet until I discovered that it was much easier than all of the parts made it appear. I placed the baby in her swing as it occurred to me that I might not want to have her strapped to my chest while I opened a canister of CO2, but as it turned out, getting the gas attached to the device was uneventful. The instructions said no more than 3 short pushes on the release lever were necessary, but nothing appeared to be happening in the water bottle, so I added a lot of extra taps. I was wrong about that too, the bottle once released had plenty of fizz. As for how it tastes, I should never have worried. The diet root beer is terrific. Now I have a supply of soda water always at hand for impromptu drinks from my amateur bar. Any more of this sophistication and I’m going to have to get a liquor license.

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