My last excursion to EPCOT turned into a nasty cold/flu virus, confirming my suspicion that I should really stay in as much as possible for awhile. Before my nose surgery it might have easily turned into an infection, but this time around it’s already gone. It was quite bad at its worst and now Scott is getting over it too. We need to stay healthy because the ultrasound on Thursday confirmed that the baby has not turned and I will soon be going in for a C-section. I did not want to go into surgery with a stuffy nose and they had no intention of holding it off to wait for a flu to run its course. My mother had C-sections so I’m not really surprised at how things worked out, and I’m not really sorry about it either. I laugh at people who say natural is better, because I don’t think they’re thinking about the high rate of risk childbirth had before it became so much less natural. Hoorah for modern medicine, says me.

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  1. Lax

    So long as you get plenty of painkillers. As in close to the limit because I can only imagine how it feels to give birth + C-section :X

  2. Jesse

    When someone tells you how much better natural childbirth is, ask them if they went out and squatted in a field to give birth. If not, it wasn’t really natural. :-)

    It’s a luxury to decide “oh, I’ll forego modern medicine” when a lot of mothers & children in the developing world die every day due to inadequate medical facilities. So be thankful that you have the ability to bring a bright, healthy child into the world.

  3. Georgia

    I’ve been told the medication for a C section is very thorough. I shouldn’t feel a thing and I think most people are awake for the procedure, as weird as that is. It’s made less weird by how they cover what they’re doing with a sheet. I’ve heard about the number of birth fatalities in parts of the world with limited medical care and that should be reason enough for anyone to be thankful for the thorough access we have here in the States.

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