I’m back, so as you can guess the C-section went smoothly and I now have a baby. The nurses said two things right away: “She is so cute!” and “My what strong lungs!” I’m not getting a lot of sleep but I was getting none in the hospital with all of the tests they were constantly running on me. Now it’s all day feedings, diapers, onesies, bottle sanitizers, swaddles and swings that make comforting swooshy noises. She’ll eat as often as I let her and she cries so desperately she sounds like a quacking duck. I love being a mother.

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  1. Jesse

    “I love being a mother.”

    Somehow, that made my morning. :-)

    Congratulations to you and Daddy.

  2. Lax

    Your longs or your baby’s? :)
    Anyways, I hope you build a happy family together

  3. Georgia

    We’re tired but we’re having a blast! Thanks for the well wishes

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