Scooter and Ferret

This might have influenced our decision to get a Droid.

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  1. David Juel

    Hi Scott n Georgia,

    Kevin Brockschmidt was the speaker Saturday for CNW. He said nice things about you, is still swamped with work and is a very fun speaker.

    I was surprised to see your work Scott, amongst the pages and pages of Kev toons. I did not know that you two worked projects together. Pretty cool.

  2. Mrduck4

    Thanks for sharing that David. I was aware that Kevin was going to do a talk at CNW, but I had no idea he’s show any of the work I had been doing. We have been swapping work together and working for the same clients for a couple of years now. We are both always swamped these days. The deadlines are crazy. I’m finishing illustrations for a book due next week. It’s an interesting balance keeping the strip going with all the work.

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