This was an appropriate strip to reprint since the reason I’m posting later than usual is because I had a scare with the dog last night. Scott is always at poker on Tuesday nights and the dog is with me. I had a busy evening and Moose typically snoozes under the computer desk while I work. I finished work and called him to eat and he wouldn’t eat. I realized he was moving slow and trembling. I thought he might be cold so I wrapped him in a blanket but the shivering didn’t stop. I called Scott and was in luck, he was playing poker with a vet. The vet had me check Moose for signs of shock which got me worried, but we didn’t find anything, so I took Moose out to the poker game so he could be examined. The vet found a very tender spot on his back, and now we know Moose is suffering from some bad back pain. We’re giving him aspirin, plenty of rest and preventing him from jumping on the furniture. He improved a lot today and as long as he takes it easy, should completely recover.

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